Septic System Installation


Customized Septic System Solutions

ELM is an experienced, qualified septic system installer. Our operators are highly-skilled and able to work in the most challenging locations.   

In addition to conventional septic systems and filter media beds, ELM is also a qualified installer for the specialized systems listed below. Many systems require specialized sand and ELM is one of only a few installers who manufactures this sand.

We understand that each installation is unique. Based on our assessment of factors such as location, soil conditions and applicable environmental requirements, coupled with your priorities, ELM will recommend the best solution for you.

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The BIONEST system offers a simple, reliable and high performance technology.


Ecoflo wastewater systems is up to 75% more compact than a conventional system. The system incorporates a septic tank equipped with an effluent filter, the treatment unit and a polishing field.

Watch this video for more info.


Eljen Geotextile Sandfilter systems provide an alternative for onsite septic leachfield systems, which provides treatment and disposal in the same footprint.

Visit their website for more information.


EnviroSeptic systems require no electricity, pumps, or motors. The system naturally treats and disperses wastewater without noise or energy.

Watch a detailed video here.


Infiltrator Water Technologies provides a passive advanced leachfield treatment system designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stone and pipe drainfields.

Visit their website for more information.


Waterloo Biofilter waste management systems are designed to perform on difficult sites: small or remote lots, bedrock or clay beds, high water table and environmentally sensitive areas.

For more information, watch a video from the popular HGTV show Moving the McGillvrays where a Waterloo Biofilter system is being installed at Scott McGillvray’s home.

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— Evans McNab and Lindsay McNab, Owners